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Guitar Nerds Podcast, April 2019

Listen to the Guitar Nerds Podcast segment on DiPinto Guitars. Listen...

Guitar Player, January 2016

Chris DiPinto Tells How He Made a Guitar for David Bowie
The Philadelphia-based guitar maker recently sat down with KYW-TV reporter John McDevitt to explain how he came to build a guitar for Bowie. Read Article...

Guitar Player, August 2015

Review: DiPinto Galaxie 4 Deluxe
Galaxie 4 Deluxe, which gives a nod to Juan Miro with its asymmetrical shape, Sonic Blue/White finish, and '60s-era "serape" plastic for the pickguard and headstock overlay. Read Article...

CBS 3, August 2015

DiPinto Guitars on CBS 3

The Key, July 2015

DiPinto: The Philly guitar player's guitar
From the opposite side of Girard Avenue, DiPinto Guitars looks just like any other store in Fishtown. You'd never guess it's somewhat of a tourist destination for many big name guitarists. Read Article..., July 2015

He makes wild-looking guitars that sound great and don't cost a lot
CHRIS AND SOPHY DiPinto, both 46, of Collingswood, N.J., are husband-and-wife owners of DiPinto Guitars, in Fishtown. He has been designing and selling guitars for 20 years. She oversees the website, manufacturing and the books. Read Article...

DiPinto Guitars and Basses launch a national PR campaign with Media Friendly, June 2015

Cheryl Squadrito, president of Media Friendly Public Relations in Haddonfield, NJ, is pleased to announce that the company has secured a new account, DiPinto Guitars and Basses, a Philadelphia-based bespoke music company with a national reputation. Read Article...

The Spirit of the River Wards, March 2014

Corporate Guitars Still Suck
"People meet me, and they're like, 'I thought you'd be a rockabilly guy!'" said Chris DiPinto, the soft-spoken namesake of DiPinto Guitars (407 E. Girard Ave). "But I'm not really a rockabilly guy." Read Article..., March 2015

Glam-rock dazzle is still very much alive
Chris DiPinto - guitar designer by day, glam rocker by night - built his first instrument from store-bought parts and a chunk of oak flooring. That was in the early 1990s; these days, DiPinto creates gorgeous electric guitars for the stars. Read Article...

PremierGuitar, May 2014

Melody Mach IV Review
The Melody Mach IV is a new twist on the company's excellent Mosrite homage, the Mach IV. The first Mach IV was a glammed-up, surf- and deuce-coupe-centric design with zinging single-coils, custom colors, and racing stripes. Now DiPinto has melded the Mach IV's alluring lines with hardware and design elements from Gibson's entry level warhorses, the Melody Maker and the Les Paul Jr, transforming the Mach IV into a punky yet elegant guitar capable of a surprising array of moods. Read Article...

Vintage Guitar Magazine, June 2013

Mach IV Review
There are times when a traditional Strat or Tele won't scratch a particular itch, and you need a retro plank with a specific look and sound to get the job done. The DiPinto Mach IV might be a choice for such situations. While its classic '60s looks (inspired, of course, by the Mosrite Ventures model) evoke a number of vintage and alt-rock styles, the build certainly goes well beyond many of those guitars of yore.
Read Article...

Guitar Player, January 2010

DiPinto Belvedere Jr Review
WHEN GIBSON INTRODUCED THE LES PAUL JUNIOR in 1954, it was considered a budget version of the original Les Paul. It sported a more easily constructed slab body, a single P-90 pickup, and no fretboard binding. Little did the folks in Kalamazoo realize that this "beginner's" model would become a symbol of primal rock and roll energy in the hands of such players as Steve Mariott of Humble Pie, Leslie West of Mountain, and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. With its new Belvedere Jr., DiPinto has introduced an instrument clearly influenced by this iconic model. Read Article...

Bass Player, July 2008

Jamaaladeen Tacuma talks about his Belvedere Bass
I used to play a beautiful all-maple Gibson EB-750 hollowbody bass; they only made something like 70 of them. It got stolen, and I wasn't able to find another. So, I went to the luthier Ghris DiPinto and said I wanted to have another hollowbody instrument with a vintage look.
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Guitar World, April 2005

DiPinto Belvedere Standard Review by Chris Gill
In the not-too-distant past, just before the White Stripes hit the big time, guitarists tired of the same-old, same-old Strats, Les Pauls and Teles just strolled down to their local pawnshops to find bargain axes with tons of character. Now that original plastic Airlines, map-body Nationals and the like have become fashionable, pawnshops have marked up every quirky Fifties and Sixties ax to prices that rival the cost of a first-class flight to Hong Kong. Read Article...

Guitar Player Magazine, December 2004 Editor's Pick

DiPinto Galaxie 4 Review by Art Thompson
Having trouble getting noticed on stage lately? The old '59 flame top not getting the oohs and aahs it used to? These two guitars from DiPinto and Minarik not only offer stunningly different looks, but also stellar tones could be just what you need to reinvigorate your sound and ratchet up your stage presence. Read Article...

Total Guitar (UK), October 2004

DiPinto Galaxie 4 Review
Yes folks, we're talkin' serious visual attitude here. Like to stand out from the crowd? Then feast your eyes on this bad boy. American company DiPinto produces some of the wackiest retro designs we have ever seen. We love them. And it's not just us. DiPinto guitars have found favour with the likes of Rocket from the Crypt and Jack White of the White Stripes - and he knows a bit about pawnshop prize guitars. Read Article...

Bass Player Magazine, July 2004

Soundroom - DiPinto Mach IV product by Tom Mulhern
For years I was mostly unimpressed by instruments intended to exude a 'retro' vibe. Some builders would try a minty paint job, or oddball body, but they'd miss the mark because the didn't look at the concept systematically. DiPinto does retro right, and as a result the Mach IV could serve as a yardstick for retro revivals to come. Read Article...

Vintage Guitar, June 2004

Builder Profile by Ward Meeker (Interview)
The fact that something about him is different set Chris DiPinto down the path of guitar building. "I'm left-handed," he said. "And I've always been into weird ol' pawn shop guitars, but could never find anything left-handed. "So it was that in his parents' garage, DiPinto began building guitars using leftover oak floorboards, plastic, and Radio Shack parts. Read Article...

Bass Player, February 2003

SoundRoom, DiPinto Belvedere Standard by Greg Olwell
Vibe is difficult to define. As with good art, though, you know it when you see it. While the vibe of vintage basses of the '50s and '60s can make players and collectors drool, those mojo-filled instruments are becoming increasingly elusive for anyone not earning a doctor's salary. DiPinto Guitars aims to design instruments with that vintage vibe without breaking the bank. For its semi-hollow Belvedere Standard, DiPinto looks to less-copied builders like Supro, Hagstrom, and Eko for design inspiration. Read Article...

Guitar World, June 2001

Cheap Thrills, Cool Stuff for Under $800 by Domenic Hilton
There are some guitars that are not for shrinking violets. These instruments are meant for egos that need to be noticed-ideally backed up by musical talent. The DiPinto Belvedere is such an instrument. From its sparkly boat-paddle headstock, with matching pickup and input jack rings, to its enormous, cartoon-like dot inlays and oversized mother-of-toilet-seat pickguard, this is not a guitar for the demure.
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Guitar One, February 2002

Gear Box Review by Michael Ross
With its exaggerated headstock and extra single-coil pickup, the Korean-made Galaxie 4 has all the googy appeal of a vintage made-in-Japan Strat knockoff. But unlike its tawdry precursors, the Galaxie 4 is well made, and a pleasure to play. It's attractive too, with an offset, double-cutaway poplar body that features a red lacquer finish with matching tortoiseshell pickguard and headstock face. DiPinto takes a slightly more conventional route with the Galaxie 2, serving up four single-coils in a dual-humbuckers configuration, a Tune-o-matic, stop tailpiece, dot inlays, and a natural satin finish on the neck. Read Article...

Guitar One, October 2000

DiPinto Galaxie by Michael Ross
In the early 80's, sideman extrodinaire David Lindley discovered the joys of cheap imported and domestic guitars like Teiscos and Silvertones. Their unique tone instantly put a sonic signature of his music, and they looked really cool (at least on a man who wore checkered polyester pants as rock garb). More recently, Beck has favored Schecter imports that also wear their weirdness proudly. For the new millennium, DiPinto guitars of Philadelphia has designed model that straddles the line between classic American design and import oddities.
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